TCS Mobility offers transportation options, including paratransit, for non-emergency transfers. Whatever the need may be, TCS Mobility has the experienced staff and fully-equipped vans and buses to get your people where they need to be, safely.

Experienced & Trained Professionals Who Care

TCS Mobility only hires trained professionals as our paratransit drivers. These individuals have experience using our technical paratranist equipment to ensure our passengers are safe and secure during their entire transfer experience with us.

Taking You Where You Need to Go

Our non-emergency transfer services assist with a variety of healthcare transportation needs, all of which include paratransit options. We help discharged hospital patients get to a rehabilitation clinics, provide transportation support to veterans, and even help patients get to doctor’s appointments.

Veteran Transports

Doctor's Appointments

Rehabilitation Transfers

Hospital Discharge

Paratransit - Wheelchair Transfers

Paratransit - Stretcher Transfers

Behavioral Health Transfers

Post-Operative/Outclinic Transfers

Dental Appointments

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